Window Mount

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1.4mm thick Bright White Mount Board
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A pre-cut bevel edged Window Mount designed to fit a standard size picture frame and hold prints, photos or other flat artworks. Accurately cut from 1.4mm thick bright white mount board with a centrally positioned aperture. 

Available in five different sizes:

A4 - Ap 138mm x 200mm - To fit an A4 Frame and hold an A5 print.

A3 - Ap 200mm x 287mm - To fit an A3 Frame and hold an A4 print.
300mm x 400mm - Ap 200mm x 287mm - To fit a 300mm x 400mm Frame and hold an A4 print.
400mm x 500mm - Ap 287mm x 410mm - To fit a 400mm x 500mm Frame and hold an A3 print.
400mm x 500mm - Ap 290mm x 390mm - To fit a 400mm x 500mm Frame and hold a 300mm x 400mm print.