Tom Berry

Tom Berry’s prints are produced from his highly detailed drawings that involve no digital manipulation. Often the natural world is at the centre of his work, creating fantastic images that draw their inspiration from European decorative movements, Japanese art and children's books. Of ‘Point of View’ he says: “I spent a lot of time when I was preparing this drawing looking at the mid-section of large trees and working out how best to represent them. The girl has climbed near to the top (although it is unclear how grand this tree is) to look out of the picture and into the canopy beyond.” This describes the scale of his work, creating a mesmerising amount of detail that the viewer gets lost in, seeing something new every time you return to look.

Tom Berry launched a Kickstarter to publish his first book, 'On The Other Side Of Town'. Read about the On The Other Side Of Town project.

Tom Berry exhibited at Of Cabbages and Kings in 2017 with the show On The One Hand, an exhibition of Tom Berry’s two different styles.