Johnathan Reiner

Johnathan Reiner was born in the West Coast of USA, grew up in Jerusalem and has been living and creating in East London for over a decade. Although he is a medical doctor by profession, a Neuroscience graduate and previously a film editor he has always been an artist/doodler by heart. Growing up in a creative household, he would sit for hours in his mother's studio contemplating shapes and gradients. His school notebooks would fill up with random scribbles, vandalising his homework and leaving him speechless in front of his teachers. 

In contrast to changes in countries, relationships and career choices - creativity remained the one consistent thing that kept on going and never failed to bring meaning to his life. Johnathan truly believes in the therapeutic benefits of creating. Though spending years focusing on the possibilities of ink on paper, Johnathan is a self-taught print maker and has been devoting his recent years to the exploration of colour, pattern and composition through the medium of silk screen printing. His work combines graphic and illustrative components through the use of drawing alongside manipulation of photographic textures and details. He is fascinated by relationships, childhood and the expansive and wild possibilities of imagination.

Johnathan is a member of Print Club London and had been exhibiting in London, Berlin and Israel.