Emma Studd

Emma Studd uses the process of screen print to create one-off original geometric works of art. By using the screen as a drawing tool she explores the relationship between colour, shape and pattern.

Combining pastels, neon and metallic inks, Emma loves to play with the transparency of colour and texture: exploring how they interact and overlay in predictable and unpredictable ways. She experiments with the tessellation of form and through layering shapes evokes a sense of illusion. Implementing her own systematic way of printmaking Emma adapts and responds to the work as it evolves on the page. Intuitively making decisions about the balance of tone and colour she allows the process to define the outcome.

Emma Studd has a BA (Hons) in Textile Design, PGCE in Art and Design and more recently completed her MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking. She currently prints and teaches at Spike Print Studio in Bristol.