Marc Gooderham

Marc Gooderham is fascinated by shop fronts, street corners and a forgotten London. His pastel works and paintings presented as series of limited edition prints explore the city's streets along with it's decaying and unique architecture. They capture the singular beauty to be found in those neglected and overlooked spaces.

"I had always set out to paint the city I knew and which is close to my heart. Avoiding the repetitiveness of London's landmarks depicted in many paintings my aim was to capture an alternative view of the city. As much as I love the monumental buildings that create our skyline, it was the side streets and alleyways that seemed to hold a mystery for me."

Marc will be exhibiting Impressions Of The City, a collection of original sketches from the East End of London, at Of Cabbages and Kings from 3rd October 2019 to 30th November 2019. Find out more about the show here

Marc speaks to The Hackney Gazette 30th September 2019. Read more about Marc's project on our blog.