Tal Brosh

Tal Brosh was born in a desert town in Israel and moved to London 15 years ago. Since completing an M.A. in Graphic Design at the London College of Communication she has been dividing her time between design and illustration and worked with clients such as Converse, Design Museum and National Theatre.

In 2015 she created a series of artworks as part of her residency at Phytology, an artist led site within the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. Although East London’s rural past is now invisible throughout most of the borough, the BGNR is a rare example of a place where it is still possible to have a sense of continued history. The artworks, which were originally displayed on a commercial size billboard, depicted four stages in the complex history of the site; a medieval meadow and market garden, a Victorian church, a war-time bomb site and now an apothecary garden called Phytology. The work imagines these slices of the space’s life, that has seen nurture, worship, violence and then nurture again. They have been carefully hand printed on Fabriano 5 Smooth 300gsm paper.