Sky High City Flyers

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Sky High City Flyers
Anna Marrow
Screen print
570mm x 560mm
Signed limited edition of 30
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Let your imagination fly as freely as the birds.

New to the Anna Marrow catalogue in spring 2023. Sky High City Flyers is a limited edition handcrafted screen print, fresh from the creative brain of one of Britain’s foremost screen print artists.

It’s a work of art that encourages you to spread your wings into a liberating world of possibility — one that goes beyond time and place. Anna constructs this vibrant urban metropolis from a diverse array of landmarks from around London and beyond… each of them meticulously hand-drawn in moody black and white.

The engagingly gritty imagery is pepped up with bold pressings of pop-art-inspired colour. Flocks of birds swoop through the sky, bringing a real sense of dynamic movement to the piece. And of course, it’s not only birds that can fly — so look out for the passenger plane, too.

Sky High City Flyers is presented for you on textured deckle-edge Somerset paper (luxuriously thick 350gsm; crafted from 100% cotton, with a satin finish)\

Limited Edition of 30 prints

Individually hand-signed and numbered by the artist, Anna Marrow