Persephone's Fruit

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Persephone's Fruit
Gavin Dobson
Screen print with a hand finished extra layer on Fabriano paper 310gsm with a deckle edge.
500mm x 700mm
Signed limited edition of 25
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This four colour CMYK screen print by Gavin Dobson presents a painterly and evocative pomegranate fruit. In Greek mythology the story goes that Persephone was stolen to the Underworld by Hades who was entranced by her beauty. Persephone refused to eat for fear of being trapped there forever, but as they were leaving he tricked her into eating a pomegranate seed. Zeus commanded she must therefore return to the Underworld each year. Since Persephone and her mother the goddess Demeter were linked to vegetation and grain, this period became winter - the part of the year when the seed is underground gestating and getting ready for growth.

Sold unframed.

This print fits into a 500mm x 700mm Frame or a 20" Picture Hanger.