Beepot Mini

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Cast in concrete using up to 70% waste material from the china clay industry
105mm x 105mm x 105mm
Approx 2.4kg (unpackaged)
Selected Colour is
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The Beepot Mini is a stunning, stylish concrete planter, which doubles as a bee hotel.

Solitary bees are facing massive decline due to habitat loss and chemical spraying. The Beepot Mini in your garden or allotment combines a safe nesting site for solitary bees with a space for perfect pollinator planting, meaning a food source for the bees is never far away.

Solitary bees are also fascinating to watch and safe to encourage around children and pets as they are non aggressive. They have no honey or queen to protect meaning they have nothing to defend. The beautiful bee hotel makes a lovely gift for any lover of nature who cares their garden, but who doesn’t want to compromise on style. It looks great whilst doing good for the bees too, win and win!

Positioning: The Beepot Mini should be positioned in a warm sunny spot, south facing, with no vegetation in front of the holes. Ideally placed at around 1 metre from the ground.