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Pink Matter


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Two bodies lie as if they are sunbathing, with arms around each other, a snake draped around their shoulders. This striking screen print by Marcelina Amelia uses her distinctive drawing style mixed with the intensity of bright neon colours. With their backs to us they display their peachy bums, are they wearing swimming trunks, or is that tan lines? It takes it's name from the bright pink colour of the skin of the two people, they glow hotly in the centre. For a touch of extra vibrance Marcelina has used copper leaf to highlight the hair of one of the figures. 

For an insight into Marcelina Amelia's process, see our interview with her on our blog.


Title: Pink Matter
Artist: Marcelina Amelia
Media: Screen Print with Copper Leaf
Size: 500 x 700mm
Edition: Signed Limited Edition of 35


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