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Pop Art - Art Essentials


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Pop Art. Text by Flavia Frigeri. Published by Thames and Hudson

With its bold colours, flashy imagery and iconic spirit, Pop Art trespasses the traditional boundaries separating high from low culture. Flavia Frigeri introduces us to a movement that focuses on everyday objects, from its beginnings in the post-war consumerism of America and Britainto its fascinating rise on the global scale in the 1960s. The work of well-known artists, such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton and Peter Blake, is set in dialogue with that of Japanese Ushio Shinohara, Venezuelan Marisol and Argentinian Marta Minujín, among others. Organized around key themes common to all Pop Art, including advertising, politics, the domestic realm, consumer goods, art history, celebrity culture, war and the space race, this is an essential introduction to the movement that transformed the ‘popular’ into art. A reference section includes a useful timeline, glossary of Pop terms and suggestions for further reading.

Flavia Frigeri is an art historian and curator, and Teaching Fellow at University College, London. She co-curated the internationally acclaimed exhibition ‘The World Goes Pop’ at Tate Modern in 2015. Frigeri is the author of Tate Introductions: Paul Klee and contributed to the exhibition catalogue she co-edited, The World Goes Pop. She is also the author of Women Artists in the Art Essentials series published by Thames & Hudson.


Author: Flavia Frigeri

Cover: Paperback

Pages: 176pp

Size: 216mm x 138mm

ISBN: 978-0-500-29358-4

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