PHOTO|FROME Festival 2023

Anjalika Baier - Cyanotype - Dandelions

Dominions and Dandelions

Rod Higginson Photographer - Watchet

Rod Higginson

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24 June - 12 July 2023

We are very excited to be part of this year’s Photo | Frome festival. The two week event will again bring an inclusive and thought-provoking perspective on photography to Frome and the Southwest. The festival approaches contemporary documentary photography through a broad lens, featuring world-class international and national names, alongside local talent, student and amateur photographers. Spread across 15 venues the 2023 theme is Decolonising Environments.


'Decolonising' is usually defined as a process of self-determination and unlearning of the social and cultural constructs created by an established and maintained system of dominion of one group over another. 'Decolonising Environments' expands this concept to encourage a wider examination of social, environmental and cultural issues.


Of Cabbages and Kings will feature the documentary work of Somerset photographer Rod Higginson and the cameraless photography of Anjalika Baier.



5pm - 7pm Friday 23 June



6pm - 8pm Friday 07 July


Anjalika Baier has been an enthusiastic amateur photographer for the past 10 years. Her main passion is for camera-less techniques like cyanotype, cyanolumen, lumen prints and phytograms.

Although Anjalika might have an idea in mind, she is a fan of experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t. To work intuitively is a lot more fun, offering creative discovery and joy.


Humans have seen weeds as a problem since the dawn of agriculture, but with this series ‘Dominion and Dandelions’ Anjalika champions the humble weed. Cardboard, commonly used in gardens to suppress weeds, becomes a canvas to display their beauty and to highlight their ecological value.


Somerset photographer Rod Higginson has chosen to work almost exclusively in monochrome, using only natural light, finding it easy to create drama in sometimes the simplest of subjects - landscape, rural life, street scenes and interiors. He offers an alternative view to engage the viewer in a very personal way.


Rod has the ability to interpret a familiar subject in such a way that the photographer becomes as important as the subject, and the viewer may also be requried to find missing detail when an area of the subject appears to be in darkness. His work has developed an enthusiastic following on social media and amongst the Leica community.