Green Alkanet

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Green Alkanet
Anjalika Baier
254mm x 203mm (10" x 12")
Original print
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Green Alkanet is from a series of original cyanotype prints by Somerset artist Anjalika Baier.

Anjalika experiments with cameraless photography techniques, preferring to work intuitively and never quite knowing the final outcome.

In this series, Anjalika adopts weeds as her subject matter. Humans have seen weeds as a problem since the dawn of agriculture, but weeds also have strong ecological value. Anjalika champions the humble weed, highlighting both their importance and their beauty.

The cyanotype is created by coating paper with light sensitive chemicals prior to adding the subject and exposing to the sun.

Mounted in a 10" x 12" white mount.

Original wet cyanotype print - one of a kind.