Anjalika Baier

Anjalika Baier has been an enthusiastic amateur photographer for the past 10 years. Her main passion is for cameraless techniques like cyanotype, cyanolumen, lumen prints and phytograms.

Although Anjalika might have an idea in mind, she is a fan of experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t. To work intuitively is a lot more fun, offering creative discovery and joy.

Humans have seen weeds as a problem since the dawn of agriculture, but with this series ‘Dominion and Dandelions’ Anjalika champions the humble weed. Cardboard, commonly used in gardens to suppress weeds, becomes a canvas to display their beauty and to highlight their ecological value.

Anjalika's work will be on show at Of Cabbages and Kings from 24 June - 12 July as part of PHOTO|FROME Festival 2023