Crow of Winter (White)

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Crow of Winter (White)
2 colour screen print on 270gsm Colorplan paper
500mm x 700mm
Signed limited edition of 30
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The Crow - Harbinger of death and destruction.

Traditionally seen in folklore as a bad omen, crows destroy crops, devour corpses, act as emissaries for soothsayers and gods, and as carrion-eating birds have long been considered soul-guides, carrying the dead into the next world.

In his macabre portrayal of the crow, Fiftyseven Design uses quasi-occult and masonic decorative pattern and symmetry to create an image of the crow in flight at night set against a shimmering silver moon.

This two-colour screen print is printed in metallic silver and black ink.

This print fits in a 500mm x 700mm frame or a 20" Picture Hanger.