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7 colour, 5 layer screen print including 1 colour-fade layer, half-tone and diffusion dither.
Paper Size:
320mm x 450mm
Image Size:
297mm x 396mm
Limited edition (varied) of 20, signed and numbered by the artist
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Moonflower is a yellow flower that blooms above volcano Hunapú (place of flowers) beneath a golden moon. David Bradley's triptych of screen prints presents an ethereal re-imagining of Volcan Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) based upon site specific photographs taken whilst trekking in Guatemala in 2019.

Utilising a variety of hand-pulled screen printing techniques to build structure, texture and blended colour, each composition becomes a meditation on the elements revealing itself in and amongst the layers of the printmaking process. With a nod to the spirit and stylistic sensibilities of the Japanese Ukiyo-e landscape tradition, paper and ink become moons and stars, volcanos and clouds become sentient beings, the printed page a floating world.

Seven colour, five layer screen print including one colour-fade layer, half-tone and diffusion dither.