Mister Peebles - September 2015

mister-peebles-promo-cabbages-kings.jpgPrivate View: 7pm - 9pm 3 September 2015
Show Dates: 4 September - 31 October 2015

Mister Peebles is a quiet chap who keeps himself to himself, he likes the company of his creatures. Helen is his one human companion, she illustrates his animals and makes the tea.

Helen first started drawing these creatures four years ago, after running away from a dull job and going to Tasmania to join the other man in her life. There she and Mister Peebles began filling a sketchbook with creatures and puns. Four years later they are all in Stoke Newington and the menagerie has grown to fill a studio. The latest additions are here to meet you at Of Cabbages & Kings.

Each original illustration is drawn using water colour pencils, water and brushes, in a studio just down the road. They are then turned into prints and stationary either in-house or by talented UK based printers. This new collection of creatures are all off on adventures. Traveling near or far to experience something different, making some new memories along the way.

Traveling and exploring new places can make life better, changing the way you see the world. You get to see other people’s lives, find a new passion, discover a foreign brand of biscuits you can’t get enough of and sometimes realise what you miss and love about home. That’s the beauty of moving around the world, even if it’s just round the corner.