Long, Hot Summer Nights

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Long, Hot Summer Nights
Liam Devereux
Giclée print on 300gsm Kraft paper
300mm x 600mm
Signed limited edition of 100
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Long, Hot Summer Nights is from a series of Nighttime prints by Liam Devereux that began life in North London among the tall Victorian terraces where he was living, and encapsulate scenes that will be familiar with many of us living in the city. Adopting old halftone printing techniques employed by UK comic publishers, Liam has created a cinematic American movie poster vibe that feels distinctly British. There are more to these prints than seen at first glance. You can’t help but wonder on a underlying narrative - one that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Sold unframed.

This print fits a 12" Picture Hanger or a 300mm x 600mm frame.