Julio Guerra - August 2019

PARADISE SKIES by Julio Guerra



Preview: 7pm - 9pm, Thursday 1 August 2019
Show Dates: 2 August - 30 September 2019

Julio Guerra is a London-based graphic artist with a bold, geometric and colourful style.

He studied Graphic Arts as well as Sociology in his native Venezuela, and his work has been exhibited at The Cruz-Diez Museum of Print and Design in Caracas. Julio went on to further training at Central Saint Martins in London. 

Julio is strongly influenced art movements such as geometric abstraction, Renaissance painting, Suprematism and colour field painting. However, as an artist-cum-sociologist he also takes inspiration from contemporary fashion and culture, and 20th Century art and design.

Paradise Skies is an exhibition of Julio's tropical birds; flamingos, parakeets, pelicans and some colossus toucan heads.