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Gareth Williams
Wood block type and linocut print
210mm x 210mm
Limited edition of 25, signed and numbered by the artist
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The swallow - I will return.

Swallows have a long association with seafarers. These migratory birds fly thousands of miles, yet they always return to the same nest. It is believed that swallows lead ships safely home, and swallow tattoos became status symbols, indicating how many miles a sailor had ventured.

If a sailor didn't return safely home to his loved ones and died at sea, it was believed that swallows would carry his soul home to heaven.

Forever is from a series of linocut prints by artist Gareth Williams, which fuse pop art and classic tattoo styling with antique wood block type. His vibrant designs are printed on to textured paper using a vintage desk-top press.

Limited Edition of 25 prints.

Individually hand-signed and numbered by the artist.