Bauhaus Design Stencil

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Stencil Size:
200mm x 85mm
Packaging Size:
225mm x 160mm
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The Bauhaus is characterised by futuristic lines, shapes and curves. You too can now recreate that look, with this handy stencil. Contains a Bauhaus inspired typeface and shapes, perfect for all craft projects such as card making, scrap-booking or just illustrating your favourite notebooks. 

The Bauhaus was a German art school which unified fine art, craft and technology. Founded by architect Walter Gropius 1919 it has been, and continues to be a major impact on art trends around the world. Teachers and students of the Bauhaus faculty included artists Wassily Kandinsky, Josef Albers and Paul Klee, graphic designer Herbert Bayer, architects Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and designers Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Marcel Breuer.