A Guide To Pairing Herbs With Food Tea Towel

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Ethically-sourced premium cotton
480mm x 760mm
Wash at maximum of 50 degrees
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30 herbs matched to 62 food entries on an easy to follow A Guide To Pairing Herbs With Food Tea Towel.

From classic pairings like basil and tomato to the more exotic marigold and avocado, herbs can elevate simple dishes into perfumed plates of perfection. But knowing what compliments what can confuse even the most well-seasoned of chefs.

Whether you have a few jars of dried leaves, or a veritable home herbarium, this guide covers over 1,800 possible herb and food combinations, as well as herb-to-herb compatibility ratings. Each herb is categorised into 8 flavour notes: whether fresh, bitter, citrus or oniony, you'll have all the sage advice needed with this handy herbal guide.

Made in Britain.