Mike Hall

Illustrator, London

Mike Hall has been working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in London since graduating from the University of Westminster in 2008. He specialises in digital illustration and line drawing on paper. He mainly concentrates on cityscapes, architectural illustration, map design and character studies.

Mike has worked for a variety of clients including large publishers, organisations, magazines and small businesses. He regularly takes part in illustration exhibitions and craft events across London.

His maps are produced digitally using a combination of design software and a pen tablet. Each design takes 2–3 weeks to complete. The designs are inspired by engraved prints from the 19th century that are embellished with decorative and historical details. He has appropriated this template with a contemporary twist.

Mike is continually expanding his range of London map prints. He has now covered most of East, North and South London.

“Before I start a new map, I read up on the history and information about each area and this is reflected in the resulting design”.

To view Mike's maps click here