Liz Loveless

Designer and Printmaker, East London

Liz Loveless is a printmaker and designer, living and working in East London. Liz is best known for her handmade, illustrated books, the first of which she put together for her post-graduate degree at Central St Martins and was published by Hyperion. Liz founded her own independent publishing and design company Factory Press in 2004 and has had 8 books published to date.

Liz’s books are all silkscreened in limited editions and hand bound in cloth or card. They are little artworks in themselves. Liz often employs a 50s colour palette of powder blue, sea foam green and dusty orange, which give her books a retro, nostalgic feel that appeals to both adults and children alike.

Along side making her books, Liz has also worked as an illustrator for larger publishing firms and museums as well as exhibiting her artwork throughout London.

Liz’s pictures are often of birds and animals. She combines collage techniques with silkscreen to create the illusion of texture over a flat surface.

Two years ago, soon after Chatsworth Road market was regenerated, Liz opened The Factory Press Shop at her studio, 85 Clifden Road E5. The shop is open on Sunday and sells a fine selection of contemporary prints by local artists.