Ed Boxall

Artist, Writer & Printmaker, Hastings

Ed Boxall is as an artist, writer and print-maker artist, writer and print-makbased in Hasting. He graduated from St Martins College in London in 1999 and since then has had several Children’s books published by Walker books. More recently he has been enjoying publishing his illustrated books independently through Pearbox Press.

While his illustrations are often inspired by specific places, Ed is a storyteller so these places still retain a childlike mystery to them. His tales speak of magical creatures and midnight adventures. In Ed’s work, warm earthy images of family life and childhood mix with the fantastical.

“There is a narrative from image to image, but also an atmosphere in the marks and textures that I enjoy in a kind of wordless daydream”

Ed takes a traditional hands-on approach to his printmaking, mostly using linocuts and Indian inks:

“I like getting my hands dirty printmaking and make my own handmade prints, using techniques such as woodblocks, lino and mono printing.”

Ed also performs his stories with his own ‘magic lantern’ style and a giant pop up book of paper cut out silhouettes, illuminated with fairy lights, which enchants and captivates both adults and children alike.