Yarn Drawings by Michael Loveless


Late Night Viewing – Tuesday 4th February 2014

Yarn Drawings by Michael Loveless  

Originally from Dorset, Michael Loveless has been living in North London since 2008. Michael has always possessed a love for ink and detail and in 2012 Michael and his sister, Stefanie, decided to produce a range of home-ware under the name TickTackToe, inspired by Michael's line drawings and Stefanie's work her as an interior designer. Michael designed the three ranges and screen printed all the products himself at Dalston’s Print Club London.

The ‘Yarn’ range is most typical of Michael’s drawing style. Detailed and intricate, the image first came to him when drawing a birthday present for his eldest sister (something of a tradition in itself). Created when back in Dorset, surrounded by heaps of fabrics and yarn of his costume making mother, it has since been applied to many gifts and sketches, the TickTackToe cushions, tea towels and prints.

It was this print that has led to this collection of works in Of Cabbages and Kings. With a desire to further explore the effects and limits of hand drawn balls of wool, Michael has produced 6 original pieces, all sharing the same themes of yarn and a playful expression of how they may be. These are not still life drawings, each yarn takes its own path onto the paper.

Each original hand drawn picture explores a different theme, some play with three dimensional bundles of wool, others a more graphic approach and even an experiment into different forms (Apple and Pear), but all of them meticulously laid onto paper in black ink.

Numbered limited screen prints of each drawing are available, printed by Michael.

When: Private View 6:30–8:30pm, Tuesday 4th February (wine and refreshments will be available) Exhibition continues until Sunday 23rd February.




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