Tree Rings (Cold)

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Tree Rings (Cold)
Risograph print
297mm x 420mm (A3)
Limited edition of 100
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Tree Rings (Cold) uses UK weather data collected over the last 100 years from 1921 - 2020. Trees are directly effected by climate change and this is shown in the size of their growing rings.

Using the minimum weather temperatures to plot out the data each tree ring represents a year. The data used to shape the tree rings is daily and so roughly each degree of each ring represents a day and each ring represents a year. The outer tree ring reflects the data from 2020 and January is situated at 12 o’clock. 

The splits in the tree indicate the coldest year by month (out of all 100 years). You can see the splits extend far into the tree indicating that the coldest months are more historic. The size of the split for each year indicates how much colder the coldest year was compared to each year since, on the same day.

The maximum annual temperatures are listed below the image of the tree.

Risograph printed with two colours by print studio Risotto in Glasgow with paper sourced from a mill in Sweden using FSC accredited pulp.

Sold unframed

This print fits into an A3 Frame or a 12" Picture Hanger.