The East End In Colour 1980-1990 by Tim Brown book cover published by Hoxton Mini Press, at Of Cabbages and Kings

The East End In Colour 1980-1990 by Tim Brown


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Explore the changing East London through the 1980's in this evocative collection of photographs by Tim Brown. Following on from the hugely popular The East End in Colour 1960-1980 by David Granick, this new book by a different photographer, Tim Brown, picks up the story in 1980 as East London enters an extraordinary decade of transformation. Focusing on the Docklands and the further reaches of the East End, Tim took these pictures on 35mm film between shifts of driving trains on London Underground's Central Line. The East End In Colour 1980-1990 by Tim Brown is the fifth in the Vintage Britain Series. 

Tim began taking photos in 1980, around the same time that he started a 20-year stint working on London Underground. He was a Central Line train driver for 13 years and lived in East London for over 20 before moving to Essex with his wife and two children. The book features an introduction by Chris Dorley-Brown, editor of the book, and an interview between Chris and Tim.


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