Starlings I

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Starlings I
Risograph print
297mm x 420mm (A3)
Limited edition of 100
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Starlings I is based on starling murmurations. Scientists have discovered that starlings flock in a similar way to magnetic force fields. When one changes direction the seven closest birds also move. 

This print represents some of these findings through small iterations made in rows of seven and has been created using formulas to illustrate this movement.

The murmuration patterns have been overlaid on top of the outline of the east coast of the UK. Starlings rarely leave the UK and instead travel within the mainland. however, migrating birds from Eastern Europe arrive along the east coast and this represents the start of their journey.

The numbers reference sea levels used within nautical maps, but these numbers also represent average starling density (within a 1km area) throughout the UK. These figures have been plotted using the British grid and the data was supplied by the British Ornithology Trust.

Risograph printed with four colours by print studio Risotto in Glasgow with paper sourced from a mill in Yorkshire using FSC accredited pulp.

Sold unframed

This print fits into an A3 Frame or a 12" Picture Hanger.