Space Travel

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Space Travel
Screen print
180mm x 510mm
Limited edition of 100
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After reading Matt Gaw’s book ‘Under The Stars’ the idea for Space Travel was born. In the opening pages it states that the Moon moves 3.78cm away from earth every year.

Amazed by the tangibility of this information the distance 3.78cm was used in various ways. The illustrated Moons are made of thousands of dots and the diameter of each of these is 3.78cm. This means, each Moon represents the distance the Moon travels away from earth every year. The total of the Moon illustrations measures 37.8cm. This is the distance it travels away from the earth after 10 years. When the dots of each of the Moons are laid end to end, the distance represented equates to 2,000 years.

The print itself has been inspired by another futuristic great of his time - a true modernist designer - Wim Crouwel. Perhaps best known for his use of grids, the design stays true to this accolade. The underlying image of the Moon is actually a picture the artist took on the surface of a wave. The water was dark and the bubbles appeared like craters, which was perfect for this theme. A piece of code was created that analysed the image. Once analysed the image was then turned into differing sized dots depending on the darkness of that image. All aligning faithfully to a rigid grid. Over the course of the 36 Moons, the image rotates anti-clockwise, just as the Moon rotates around the Earth, to return to its original position. The dots that create these illustrations of the Moon also gradually reduce in size to give the impression that the Moon is travelling away.

The design was then screen printed onto silver paper using black and fluorescent pink ink again in a nod to the long Stedelijk Museum posters designed by Crouwel.

Each print is then packaged in a telescopic 100% cardboard tube (in keeping with the space theme), is made in the UK, and is completely recyclable.

Sold unframed

This print fits into a 8.5" Picture Hanger.