Reykjavík 2 art print by Jo Angell at Of Cabbages and Kings

Reykjavík 2


Product Description

The 'Reykjavík' series are a collection of prints inspired by Jo Angell's trip to Iceland. Taking abstract inspiration from harbour shapes, the original images were made using bold brush strokes and pen and ink drawings mixed with rough textures in contrasting dark and light colours.

Reykjavík 2 shows abstracted shapes, reminiscent of life buoys or portholes on a ship with a palette of colours evocative of a beach.

Featured in U Fash On - 17 January 2020

To read more about Jo Angell see our interview with her on the OC&K Blog.

Sold unframed.

This print fits into an A2 Frame or a 28" Picture Hanger. 





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