Ponds And Plants

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Pond And Plants
Ashley Amery
CMYK screen print on 350gsm GF Smith Colorplan paper
490mm x 550mm
Signed limited edition of 50
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This limited edition screen print is based on one of Ashley Amery's intricate gouache paintings on paper. Ponds And Plants is a surreal underwater scape of wiggling weeds and brightly coloured flora and fauna. The painting has been reproduced by a CMYK colour separation method and hand printed on 350gsm GF Smith paper. The CMYK process breaks an image down into four colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These four colours are then overlaid in different densities to achieve the image.

To find out more about Ashley Amery read our interview with her on the OC&K Blog.

Sold unframed.

This print fits into a 20" Picture Hanger.