Paradise Street: The lost art of playing outside, published by Hoxton Mini Press, at Of Cabbages & Kings

Paradise Street: The lost art of playing outside


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This humorous book explores what kids do best, play. A fun collection of photography, published in collaboration with Mary Evans Picture Library. For children growing up in Britain fifty or more years ago, streets and alleyways were playgrounds of curiosity and adventure. Nowadays, tempted by technology or restricted from being alone outside, ‘playing out’ is no longer the norm. These images from leading street photographers form a joyful, nostalgic record of past freedoms. This is the forth book in the Vintage Britain series.

Includes work by 10 photographers: Shirley Baker, Tony Boxall, Robin Dale, John Gay, Henry Grant, Paul Kaye, David Lewis-Hodgson, Roger Mayne, Margaret Monck and Martin O'Neill.

With an introduction by Lucinda Gosling. This book is  


Title: Paradise Street: The lost art of playing outside.

Pages: 128pp

Size: 156 x 196mm

ISBN: 978-1-910566-46-6

Designer: Friederike Huber 

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