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Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane by Paul Trevor


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Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane Photography by Paul Trevor. A look at Brick Lane and it's surrounding streets in the 70's and 80's.

Paul Trevor, one of the great unsung heroes of British documentary photography, spent many years during the 70s and 80s capturing life on Brick Lane, London’s most iconic East End street. Published here for the very first time, these images, full of humour, grit, love and surprise, capture a vibrant time before the area went through dramatic social change.

Featuring images from: Sclater Street, Bacon Street, Chilton Street, Cheshire Street, Brick Lane, Wentworth Street, Thrawl Street, Pricelet Street, Heneage Street, Whitechapel High Street, Old Montague Street, Toynbee Hall, Commercial Street, Quaker Street, Deal Street, Settles Street, St Mary's Park, Whitechapel Road, Sheba Street, Cheshire Street, Spitafields City Farm, Buxton Street, Granby Street, Widegate Street, Sandy's Row, Curtain Road, Artillery Passage, Goulston Street, East End Community School, New Goulston Street, Grimsby Street, Fournier Street, Chicksand Street, Flower Street, Dean Street.

Paul Trevor began to make pictures in his Brick Lane neighbourhood after abandoning his job as an accountant and deciding to become a photographer at the age of 25. His photographs have been exhibited internationally since the 1970s and are in public and private collections worldwide.

This is the first edition.


Author: Afterword by Alan Gilbey

Photography: Paul Trevor

Cover: Hardback

Pages: 144pp

Size: 197mm x 256mm

ISBN: 978-1-910566-50-3

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