Navigating the Art World

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Navigating The Art World
Foolscap Editions
183mm x 112mm
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Navigating the Art World Book is a go to guide for early career artists. It has been written as a series of opinion pieces covering a breadth of topics, such as how to exhibit and sell your works, as well as providing guidance and support for how to stay motivated, and advise on overcoming the periods of insecurity that a career in the arts can often create.

“It has been our intention to write about things that are not often discussed, in the hope that by pulling back the curtain slightly, things are a little clearer for all of us.” - Delphian Gallery

Revised second edition.


- Introduction
- Foreword: On Being a Business
- Emerging Slowly
- How Do You Find Your Inspiration?
- Writer's Block
- What Can Artists do to get their Work Noticed?
- Building your Profile - Rosalind Davis
- Locating an Audience
- Social Media and the Art World - Paul Weiner
- Effective Social Media - How to Capture your Audience
- How do you Select Artists for Exhibitions?
- The Role of the Gallery in the Post-Social Media World
- Engaging with Galleries
- Getting People Through the Door
- Other Skills - An Interview with Jordy Kerwick
- Requiem for the Exhibition - How all Artists must Become Curators
- What is one thing about the Art World you wish would Disappear Forever?
- Making your own Opportunities - The Benefits of DIY Exhibitions and Non-Traditional Spaces - Hector Campbell
- The Pitfalls of Selling
- Patrons
- Playing to the Collectors
- The Importance of Collaboration
- What do you Wish Artists did More or Less?
- Making Trends - An Interview with Paul Foster
- Course-Correcting
- Peaks and Troughs
- In Pursuit of Being an Artist - Hedley Roberts
- What is the one bit of Advice you would give an Artist at the Start of their Career?
- Afterword