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Line-Us Robotic Drawing Arm


Product Description

Line-us is an internet connected robot drawing arm. It's small, portable and draws with a nice wobbly line using a real pen on paper. The free app lets you draw, send messages, share sketchbooks or enjoy collecting artworks from others. Perfect for every tech enthusiast, this innovative drawing arm mimics your motion with a pen and recreates what you’ve drawn on screen.

This internet-connected arm can be used on any writable surface and is compatible with iPads, iPhones and Android as well as Mac and PC. Using the Line-Us app, you can access your camera and trace over images in your gallery so even novice artists can create a great drawing. It works with lots of different kinds of pens, pencils and brushes, up to a maximum diameter of 13mm.

Line-us is portable, and comes with a sturdy plastic carrying case. It is powered by a USB battery or power adapter (USB cable included).

Includes free access to the Line-us Cloud to store and share your drawings (internet connection required).

Line-us connects to your Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only) to communicate with the Line-us app.

97mm (w) x 79mm (h) x 25mm (d)



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