Letterpress K pendant from Roderick Vere at Of Cabbages and Kings

Letterpress Pendant


Product Description

Each sterling silver Letterpress Pendant has been cast from an original metal letterpress type. The type used was originally designed in 1934 for use in the British printing industry. 

After casting, each pendant is hand finished and lovingly polished before being fitted onto a 26" sterling silver trace chain. 

All of Roderick's pendants are hallmarked and come packaged in a beautiful black presentation box. 

The pendant is approximately 23mm tall, 6mm deep and with a width that varies from 2.5mm - 8mm depending on the letter. 

We are not able to carry all the letters in stock at all times, so there may be a delay of 2-3 weeks for delivery. Please feel free to contact us to confirm availability and exact delivery times. 


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