John Gosler

John Gosler is a freelance illustrator and was for a long time a Stokey local. In 1994 John was asked to contribute a poster for the new Stoke Newington Street Festival. He says: ‘It was so brilliant (the festival, that is) that I joined the committee and did the design and artwork the first 3 posters in 1994, 5 and 6’

The Stoke Newington Festival was originally started in June 1993 as a small one day event in Church Street, but was such a success that it quickly grew into a week long event. With its focus on art, music and the local community, it ran for several years from 1994 to the early 2000s. There were many events around Church Street, which culminated on the final Sunday when the street was closed, several stages were erected hosting local bands and the numerous cafes and restaurants had stalls on the road running right up to Clissold Park.

John's original images for the posters were worked in scraper board, a card surface coated with china clay and then a layer of black ink. Tools are used to scrape off the ink, revealing the white surface beneath producing an image that looks similar to a woodcut or engraving. He then applied the colour with an airbrush.