Is Medicine Still Good For Us? - The Big Idea

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Julian Sheather
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Is Medicine Still Good For Us? Text by Julian Sheather, General Editor Matthew Taylor. Published by Thames and Hudson

The sophistication of modern medicine is an exceptional feat in which many of us benefit from unprecedented levels of care. Yet medical progress comes at a price: resistance to antibiotics, ever-mutating superbugs and the unintended yet devastating consequences of prescribing opiates are all part of today’s medical landscape. Is the natural human experience being over ‘medicalized’ as we seek pharmaceutical remedies for every kind of suffering? Are its astronomical costs furthering global inequality? Where has modern medicine failed us and how does it need to change? This incisive and provocatively illustrated volume interrogates the economics and ethics of modern practices and the impact they have on all our lives.

The book contains and introduction and chapters focusing on: The Development of Medicine, How Effective is Medicine?, The Medicalization of Living and Dying and Is Medicine Harmful and Unjust?

Julian Sheather is a writer and ethicist. He is also a consultant and adviser in ethics and human rights to several leading national and international medical organisations.

Matthew Taylor is Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, a 250-year old British institution devoted to enriching society through ideas and action to deliver a 21st-century enlightenment. As well as being a writer he is also a public speaker and broadcaster. Writing on topics such as policy, politics, public service reform and cultural theory. He has also appeared on Newsnight, The Daily Politics, and Radio 4’s Today and The Moral Maze. He was previously General Secretary and Chief Executive of the Institute for Public Policy Research, Britain’s leading think tank.