Is Gender Fluid? - The Big Idea

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Sally Hines
229mm x 152mm
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Is Gender Fluid? Text by Sally Hines, General Editor Matthew Taylor. Published by Thames and Hudson

Why is it that some people experience such dissonance between their biological sex and their inner identity? Is gender something we are or something we do? Are the traditional binary male and female gender roles relevant in an increasingly fluid and flexible world? 

This perceptive, stimulating volume assesses the connections between gender, psychology, culture and sexuality, and reveals how individual and social attitudes have evolved over the centuries.

The book contains and introduction and chapters focusing on: Gender as an Expression of Biological Sex, Gender as a Social Construct, Gender Diversity andGender Activism.

Sally Hines is Professor of Sociology and Gender Identities at the University of Leeds, where she was also Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies from 2009 to 2014.

Matthew Taylor is Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, a 250-year old British institution devoted to enriching society through ideas and action to deliver a 21st-century enlightenment. As well as being a writer he is also a public speaker and broadcaster. Writing on topics such as policy, politics, public service reform and cultural theory. He has also appeared on Newsnight, The Daily Politics, and Radio 4’s Today and The Moral Maze. He was previously General Secretary and Chief Executive of the Institute for Public Policy Research, Britain’s leading think tank.