Double Dice Necklace by Soda Bay at of cabbages and kings

Double Dice Necklace


Product Description

Striking combinations of black and white make this monochrome piece a perfect edition to any outfit.

The beads are handmade from polymer clay, stronger, lighter and more durable than regular clay. Each hand shaped bead varies slightly and gives them a unique character. Containing no traces of animal substances the cords are made from a synthetic micro fibre.

The cord is adjustable by using a polymer clay ball and knot fixing. Move the ball to adjust to your desired length.


Size: 1x 12x65mm bead, 1x 12x55mm bead, 1x 17x17mm bead, 1x 12x5mm bead, 840mm Cord

Material: Polymer Clay and Synthetic Micro Fibre.

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