Dog Show 1961-1978 by Shirley Baker, published by Hoxton Mini Press, at of cabbages and kings

Dog Show 1961-1978 - Shirley Baker


Product Description

Dog Show 1961-1978 is the third book in the series 'Vintage Britain' from Hoxton Mini Press. An interesting an often humorous look at the competitive world of dog shows.

When Shirley Baker began taking photographs at dog shows in the 1960s the hairdos of the owners were more impressive than those of their groomed canines. Not only a fascinating portrait of the phenomenon, Dog Show also captures the tender, amusing and at times obsessive relationship between humans and their dogs.

Shirley Baker (1932–2014) was a British social documentary photographer known for her street photographs of working-class areas of Manchester taken in the 1960s and ’70s. Her acute observation and artistic eye can be seen throughout her work, which has been exhibited in the UK and around the world.

With an introduction by Lucinda Gosling. This book is published in collaboration with Mary Evans Picture Library.



Title: 'Dog Show 1961-1978'

Author: Shirley Baker

Pages: 80pp

Size: 162 x 202mm

ISBN: 978-1-910566-40-4

Designer: Friederike Huber 

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