Breads of the World Tea Towel by Stuart Gardiner at Of Cabbages and Kings

Breads Of The World Tea Towel


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Has the Great British Bake Off inspired a new culinary passion? Know your loaf with this Breads Of The World Tea Towel. Featuring 49 savoury breads from around the world. Who knew this staple food stuff could be so varied? This illustrated tea towel offers a much-kneaded guide to nearly 50 shades of grain, detailing the ingredients, origins and baking methods that go into our daily bread.

This A-Z guide will take your through: Appam, Arepa, Bagel, Baguette, Bammy, Bannock, Borodinsky, Challah, Chapati, Ciabatta, Cornbread, Crumpet, Damper, Dökkt Rúgbrauð, Dosa, English Muffin, Focaccia, Fougasse, Fry Bread, Grissini, Injera, Kare Pan, Khachapuri, Khobz Kesra, Knäckebröd, Lavash, Marraqueta, Matzo, Naan, Obi Non, Pain de Campagne, Pao de Queijo, Paratha, Pitta, Podplomyk, Pretzel, Puri, Pumpernickel, Ramazan Pidesi, Rewena Paraoa, Roti, Rugbrod, Shaobing, Simit, Soda Bread, Sourdough, Tijgerbrood, Tortilla and Zopf. 

Made in the UK.

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