Bird Colours

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Bird Colours
Lithograph print
400mm x 500mm
Open edition
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Bird Colours visualises the most commonly seen colours visible in gardens across the UK during 2020. The colours are taken from the 20 most sighted feathered visitors to UK gardens.

The data used to create this print comes from a combination of sources. Data from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) was used to discover the top 20 birds. RSPB illustrations were used to determine a maximum of 5 dominant colours. Finally image analysis was used to calculate the underlying hues and proportion of each colour visible on a profile view of an adult male bird.

Hues have been ordered by the most commonly seen (from left to right) by taking into account the percentage of visiting gardens birds and proportion of visible colour. Colours within each hue are similarly ordered from top to bottom.

Lithograph printed by hand in Edinburgh using a series of metal plates to transfer the image, with paper sourced from a mill in Yorkshire using FSC accredited pulp. 

Sold unframed

This print fits into a 400mm x 500mm Frame.