Beeswax Wrap - Bright Flowers by Pretty Bee Fresh at Of Cabbages and Kings

Beeswax Wrap - Bright Flowers Print


Product Description

Beeswax wraps are a natural, reusable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and cling film. This medium size wrap features a bright design of different coloured flowers and leaves. Measuring 260mm x 260mm it's ideal to cover larger open bowls or wrap your sandwich for lunch. All wraps are handmade in London from 100% pure cotton, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and beeswax from local bees. They are washable in cold water and last up to a year. 

How To Wrap

Wrap and fold around any food or bowls using the warmth of your hands to create a breathable seal. Due to the natural antibacterial properties of the bees wax, jojoba oil and pine resin, your food will be kept fresh for longer. 

Do not use with raw meat or raw fish.

Suitable for fridge and freezer.

Simply store them in a dry place and enjoy reusing them over and over again. 

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