Aurora - Northern Lights (Green)

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Aurora - Northern Lights (Green)
Risograph print
297mm x 420mm (A3)
Limited edition of 100
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Aurora Borealis

The northern lights, or the aurora borealis, are beautiful dancing waves of light that have captivated people for millennia.

In this A3 risograph print Rebecca J Kay charts data observed from Shetland during the northern light's last solar period and presents the peak activity by week and year.

Activity happens at all hours of day - Not just at night and not just in winter. During a solar period (roughly 12 years) there are one or two years that are classed as the solar maximus. This is the time period where there is pretty much some activity every single day. The solar maximus is only discovered once the year is out and you can see it was a maximus from the data.

In the chart, the solar maximus is highlighted near the centre and more lines indicate more activity.

This limited edition (100 only), two colour risograph is printed in London on 175gsm GF Smith Colorplan Paper.

Sold unframed

This print fits into an A3 Frame or a 12" Picture Hanger.