An Opinionated Guide To Independent London

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An Opinionated Guide To Independent London Book
Hoxton Mini Press
Imogen Lepere
Lesley Lau
162mm x 112mm
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An Opinionated Guide To Independent London Book is an invaluable guide to London's best small shops.

In an age of behemoth brands, visiting local independent shops has never been more rewarding - or important. London has an army of small owner-run indies and these are the very best. From artisan delis to stationery hubs, these shops are champions of friendly service and expert knowledge. Go out, support and enjoy. The book includes 54 shops and is packed with original photography, insider tips and interviews with the owners.

Words by Imogen Lepere, a Brixton-born, Hackney Wick-based journalist specialising in the quirkier side of travel. She has a weakness for stories of little people standing up to the system and found the owners of these shops so inspiring she ended up blowing most of her pay check while visiting them. All in the name of research...

Photography by Lesley Lau who began her career in the City before discovering she was more interested in shutter speeds than share prices. For this book, she cycled more than 200 miles with her kit strapped to her bike. She’d happily pedal the same again if it meant supporting small, independent businesses.