A Guide To Whiskies Tea Towel

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Ethically-sourced premium cotton
480mm x 760mm
Wash maximum of 50 degrees
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From bourbons and scotches to ryes and malts, whisky is a drink that has been shrouded in myth and mystery. Should it be whisky or whiskey?! Whichever is the correct spelling this drink is certainly making a big come back.

Whether you are an ardent whisky lover or just want to find out a little more, this info-graphic tea towel by Stuart Gardiner Design has got it all. Get right into the spirit with this dram-fine guide to whisky business covering everything from its ingredients and production, to history, tasting and even some cocktail recipes including the classic Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Whisky Sour.

A perfect gift for those who enjoy a wee dram now and again.  

Made in Britain.