A Guide To Pairing Spices With Food Tea Towel

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Ethically-sourced premium cotton
480mm x 760mm
Wash at maximum of 50 degrees
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30 spices matched to 62 food entries on an easy-to-follow A Guide To Pairing Spices With Food Tea Towel.

Spices are essential to any kitchen - the aromatic roots and seeds of the tropics can transform ordinary food into peak piquant perfection. But knowing what to choose from your spice rack can be daunting for even the most well-seasoned of chefs.

Grab your pestle and mortar and get your grind on with this handy guide to over 1,800 possible spice and food combinations. Alongside spice-to-spice compatibility ratings, each spice is categorised into 8 flavour notes: whether earthy, pungent, sweet or nutty, you'll have all the know-how needed for a marinade in heaven.

Made in Britain.