A Guide to Making Sourdough Bread Tea Towel

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Ethically-sourced premium cotton
480mm x 760mm
Wash at maximum of 50 degrees

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Are you an enthusiastic baker but your sourdough always turns out a bit flat? A Guide To Making Sourdough Bread Tea Towel is just the kitchen accessory for you. Sourdough is the bread our ancestors baked before the advent of commercial yeast. Made from just three ingredients sourdough has a chewy, moist, open-textured crumb with a malty, mildly sour flavour and crunchy crust.

From starter to finish, this step-by-step guide is full of tips and tricks helping you rise to the challenge of baking incredible bread at home. Having trouble with your sourdough? Try Stuart Gardiner's Sourdough Troubleshooting fact sheet. 

Made in the UK.